Posted by: dammer145 | October 30, 2008

Gone fishin’

Gus the Fishing Guide.

At 5 am the alarm went off. Our guide for the day, Gus, would pick us up at 05:45 so we had to hurry a bit. He picked us up in his van and drove us to Taupo fishing harbour, where his boat was waiting for us. We climbed aboard and set off – soon we were out on Lake Taupo fishing whilst the sun was rising behind us. I was the first to hook a fish, although I was unable to land it. After that we thought we had caught something but it turned out to be a seaweed-fish. In the end Anouk, as has become more or less the norm when we go fishing together, managed to catch two rainbow trout and I caught absolutely nothing. Anouk however was not very happy about having the fish clobbered over the head with a blunt object, but Gus proceeded anyway.

Fishy Fishy Fishy.

We had read in the rough guide that somewhere on the lake were a bunch of Maori carvings and Anouk asked Gus whether he could take us there. Five minutes later she was regretting having asked that, as to get there we had to pass through some pretty rough water. The carvings were pretty though and well worth going there. We both thought those carvings had been there for hundreds of years – Gus told us that a bunch of Maori students had carved them in 1980. We were back at the camping by about 09:30 and as we were both still rather tired, we laid ourselves down for another couple of hours sleep.

We woke up rather later than intended at about 12:30 and set about making ourselves some lunch with the fish we had caught earlier. Gus had been so kind as to clean the fish for us, so all we had to do was put it on the camping BBQ and wait for it to cook! We had it along with some bread and margarine and it was delicious.

Huka Falls.

Towards about two o’clock we made our way to the local waterfall on the Waikato, the Huka falls. These falls dropped 11m over a distance of about 100m. At the top the river is about 30 to 40 metres wide, but then suddenly all that water gets forced into a narrowing only about 6 metres wide. This causes an enormous mass of water to speed up as it gets pushed into a narrow funnel. A bridge has been built over it, allowing you to experience the full power of all that water gushing under you. We hung around there for about half an hour and took some pictures.

At three o’clock we were expected a little further down the Waikato river, at Rapid Jets. Rapid Jets is a small enterprise run by a couple of enthusiasts; the basic idea is driving a high-powered 500 hp speedboat up and down the river, with us in it. After having signed the necessary insurance forms and getting togged up in large raincoat-type jackets and life jackets, we walked down the river bank and got aboard. The ride only took half an hour but that was more than long enough – towards the end we were both soaked. The boat took us through winding chasms and sometimes it seemed as if we were heading straight for the wall until the boat veered off. What a ride! During the ride they took some pictures, which we bought afterwards on a CD. Looking at the pictures afterwards, it looks pretty scary!


As we wanted to see a bit more of Taupo, we headed for the centre (it’s not very big so ‘centre’ is a bit of an overstatement). We passed by the local bungee jumping station, took some pictures and left quickly before anybody offered us a jump. We had a walk around town, had a look at some shops but as most shops in NZ close at about 5pm, there weren’t many places left open. We sat down for a couple of beers outside one of the pubs there and watched the local youth come and go in their “johnny” cars.

It was time for some dinner – and as we were feeling rather lazy (again), we headed back to Burger Fuel! This time Anouk had the Naked Flame and I had the upgraded version of the Bastard, the Big Bastard (which included an egg) – when we get back I am heading straight to the gym. *Burps*. We felt horribly full and went back to the camping. Once there we floated around in the swimming pool for quite some time and had a nice chat with a couple (Filip and Katarina) from Switzerland that were touring around the world for six months.


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