Posted by: dammer145 | October 31, 2008

Heading further Southwards

The Tongariro Plains.

Today was to be a traveling day – we had to get from Taupo to Wellington to catch the ferry to the south island. We left the camping towards ten o’clock and soon we were heading down road number 1 in the direction of Wellington.

Our route southwards us took through the high plains and high mountains of Tongariro, one of New Zealand’s national parks. Wellington is about 400km south of Taupo, a distance that can easily take 6-7 hours on New Zealand roads.

We travelled through Bulls, which has a sign that reads “Const-a-bull” outside the local police office. After that it was a rather boring, albeit very windy, drive to Wellington.

We headed straight for the camping as I was tired from the drive. We put out our table and chairs, had some nice NZ wine and later on made ourselves some dinner (potatoes, parsnips and wiener schnitzels – not very inspirational). Somehow I managed to get the TV to work in our camper so we watched a film (Sleepy Hollow as it was Halloween), then made up our beds and went to sleep.


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