Posted by: dammer145 | November 7, 2008

South, south, south

Today was going to be another driving day – on the South Island everything is a lot further apart and it takes a lot more time to get to towns. I think we maybe underestimated this – originally we were planning on visiting the famous Milford Sound to the southwest of Queenstown, but it was just not going to be possible: it would mean a 700 km detour just to get there, something we did just not have time for.

We left Frans Jozef and set off further south – our destination today would be the town of Wanaka on the identically named lake. We passed by the Fox Glacier which lies about 30km further south from Frans Jozef. We wanted to drive up to that but the road was not suitable at all for camper vans, so we didn’t bother trying.

The trip in total would be about 400km, taking us through snow-capped mountains, hills and plains. Every 100km or so we stopped for coffee at our much-loved NZ cafes, although we didn’t have cake each time.

Salmon. Lots of salmon.

One of the cafes we stopped at doubled for a salmon farm. Outside they had four large octagonal pools full of fish in various stages of life: from the very young 2 cm long ones to the big and juicy ones ready for smoking. You could also buy fish food to feed the fish – a very clever trick to make sure your fish get food every day and you make a dollar out of it as well as the tourists love to see the feeding frenzy. We had some coffee there and bought ourselves some hanuka honey smoked salmon.

Later on we stopped for a late lunch at Knight’s Point – a picnic area on the top of a cliff on the Tasman Sea. The salmon we had bought was delicious! We took some pictures and set off again.

Knight's Point.

The roads first took us along the coast and soon veered off to the left, back into the mountains. We passed gorges, rivers, lakes as the road winded back and forth. Soon we came to lake Wanaka – the township lies at the south end of the lake. The lake is about 25km long so it took 20-30 minutes before we actually were in Wanaka itself.

Anouk had “something” to organise for the day after (more on that later) so we headed straight to the tourist office. I waited outside while she was busy and took some pretty pictures of the lake and the surroundings.

Lake Wanaka.

After that we went to the camping, made ourselves some “bouletten” with some NZ ground pork we had bought in Wanaka, wrote some postcards and went to sleep. We would have to be up at 07:00 as Anouk had a birthday surprise in store for me!


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