Posted by: dammer145 | November 9, 2008

Birthday part two

Today Anouk had another birthday surprise in store for me: a sunrise balloon flight! It even included a champagne breakfast! We were supposed to call at 05:00 to make sure the weather was alright for the flight. Unfortunately the weather gods decided otherwise about our little balloon trip – the wind was too strong. What a shame!

We set off from Queenstown feeling a little despondent. We left by the same road we came in, heading for the Edinburgh of the South, Dunedin.

Just outside of Queenstown we stopped at AJ Hackett Bungee Jumping, the place where the first commercial bungee jumping company was started back in 1988. People would jump from 100 meters hight off the Kawarau Bridge. We watched people jump for a little while (including a blond middle-aged woman jump naked) – Anouk felt a little tempted to jump herself, but in the end decided not to.

No comment.

We made on a couple of miles before arriving at a local cheese outlet. How could we carry on without buying a bit of local cheese! A bit later on we stopped on a hill overlooking a hydroelectric power plant and nibbled bread and cheese until we were full. We set off further on the road towards Dunedin.

On the road.

After a long day’s drive we arrived at the campsite. Now for something to eat! We headed out hunting for something to munch, but there didn’t seem to be very much in the vicinity. Half a kilometer down the road we found a VERY dodgy looking Asian takeaway. Anouk wanted to try but I didn’t trust it one little bit. Anouk wasn’t ill so I guess it must have been alright… but still. We headed back to the campsite where I had some of yesterday’s bread – I thought I’d try my luck with that rather than the dodgy Asian dude.

The dodgy Asian takeaway.

We watched some telly and went to bed.


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