Posted by: dammer145 | November 11, 2008

Dunedin to Christchurch

Today we would be traveling to Christchurch, but there were a few more things we wanted to do in Dunedin before we headed onwards.

The day before we had seen that there was a Cadbury’s chocolate factory in town and it had a visitor’s centre, aptly called “Cadbury’s World”. We took a guided tour of the factory and saw Curly-Wurlies, More bars, Crunchies and Easter eggs being made. At the start of the tour everybody received a small bag to collect samples in that we were given during the tour. The tour guide would ask questions about things he had previously said, and whoever answered the questions correctly would get even more chocolate!

Cadbury World.

Even though we’d had quite a bit of chocolate before lunchtime, we were still hungry. Dunedin casino had a restaurant come lunch bar, so we stopped there for a bite to eat before setting off again.

On top of the world!

Ever since we had left Auckland we had been heading southwards. Now however, it was time to head north along the coast to our final destination in New Zealand: Christchurch. From Dunedin to Christchurch was too far however to cover in one day, so we would stay in a town called Timaru for the night.

North of Dunedin stand the Moeraki Boulders. Almost perfectly round rocks stand as sentinels watching out over the sea. They were formed by processes over periods of millions of years. We stopped for an hour to admire them and take some pictures.

Towards the evening we arrived in Timary and found a campsite. After having done some shopping at the local Pack ‘n Save and having done some jumping up and down on the campsite trampoline, we had something to eat and went to bed.


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