Posted by: dammer145 | November 12, 2008

Onwards to Christchurch

After having spent the night in Timaru, we set off towards Christchurch. This would be the last 160 kilometers that we would do in our camper.

Once we arrived in Christchurch we first made our way to the airport. On the way here we’d had terrible trouble with cramped seats, so we wanted to go and see if we could get a pre-seating near an emergency exit. We didn’t get one unfortunately (but we did get one a few days later in Melbourne).

We found the campsite where we would spend our last two nights. After having been to the supermarket and the bakers for some supplies, we set off into town by bus (we had had enough of driving). It was quite remarkable how “English” Christchurch appeared. It seemed as if a part of London had been cut out and transported by ship to the other side of the world: almost a perfect copy.

The day after we wanted to go on the Tranzalpine, the train that crosses straight across the southern island, straight through the Alps. As soon as we were in town we went to the Christchurch i-Site and booked our tickets.

Christchurch Cathedral.

In the centre of town stands Christchurch Cathedral: very, very English. We had a look inside and at the monument built right next to it which is dedicated to fallen soldiers of the two world wars. Christchurch also has trams: old-fashioned ones. You can hop on anywhere you like and take a tourist tour of the centre of town; they pass through and by all the streets and sights that are worth seeing. We got on at the central square and sat on for about half an hour, before getting off at the Arts Centre and had a look at the art displays inside.

Soon we had had enough of the arts and decided we wanted to take the tram back into town. We followed the tramlines hoping one would come by sooner or later, but we had been walking for quite a while and nothing turned up. We stopped at the college bistro to have a drink, and then carried on along the tramlines. Before we knew it we had walked back to the centre without having seen another tram!

We had dinner at a restaurant we had seen along the tramline, a place called “Six Chairs Missing”. Very nice!

The Trams!

Afterwards we headed to the Christchurch casino for our second gambling session of our holiday. No blackjack for us this time, we headed straight to the slots. We put in 2 dollars, won some money, won some more money and ended up playing for two hours before we lost everything again. Good entertainment value for 2 NZD.

We took a cab back to the campsite and crashed into bed.


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